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We will help you save money, as you almost pay £10/Month for spotify premium.
We will get you 12 months of Spotify premium for just £40.
One Off payment & No monthly fees.

Here is what you get with Spotify Premium (12 Months)

– 1 Whole Year (12 Months) of Spotify Premium
– Your Personal login email, username and password or If you already have an account , we will upgrade it.
– Extremely fast delivery time
– No advertisements
– Offline song downloads and playlists
– Higher sound quality and sampling rate
– Select which specific songs you want instead of forced shuffle
– Access to pairing with Amazon Echo and Google Home
– 12 Months warranty (any questions or issues will be answered and resolved for you during the entire duration of your premium period)

To process the order.
-All we need is your existing login details or maybe you can create a free account and pass on the details to us.
-You can change the password once the upgrade is done.
-Also make sure it’s not linked to facebook.

Price: £40

Warranty: 12 months

One off payment
No monthly fees

Devices : (1) Device Strictly

Delivery: E-Delivery

Payment : PayPal, Amazon Gift Card, Bitcoin & Skrill

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